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infrastructure code for virtual democracies

security is sovereignty

There are two use cases for virtual democracy. The first is the ongoing migration of de facto nations to the internet to provide better services for citizens. The second is de jure nations desirous of democratic governance. The second case might embrace assembly of persons to establish basic human rights: this includes various diasporas, communities of conscience or of interest, and pro-democracy activists in countries where democracy is illegal.

In any case, the sovereignty of a nation depends upon a system of identifying citizens to each other without compromising the state through third party authentication. Models for authenticating citizens are diverse, but what they have in common is the defense of citizen identity. For a virtual democracy of pro-democracy activists who exist in a de facto dictatorship, security is not a matter of bureacracy, it is a matter of survival. We will build with the best of open source security tools to ensure the safety and influence of citizens in our infrastructure.