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cloud voting is important

Secure, authenticated cloud voting is the most important feature to ship for electronic democracy. The FedRAMP standards are strict, so strict that some say cloud voting will never be possible. There are certainly articles from the establishment that discourage this type of development. However, when a cloud passes to the audit and is recognized as FedRAMP compliant, one of three things can happen.

  • The government will endorse the cloud and citizens will be able to vote with greater regularity and frequency. Voting will be cheaper, and the results of any public vote easily analyzed. Recalls will be more affordable than tolerating corruption.

  • The government will refuse the technology, but the citizenry will embrace it. A new party will emerge, the PartE(lectronic). The politicians of the PartE will have a contract to represent a wired constituency. The politician will no longer be a decision-maker, but a counselor, capable of informing and advising the citizens, who vote with a deliberative application on the upcoming legislation. The politician shims the representational democracy until the citizenry has developed systems for direct democracy.

  • The government will refuse the technology, but citizens have alternatives for political organization. With the ability to authentically vote on a cloud, citizens can run parallel elections to validate government process, and if necessary overthrow the government.

With a secure and authenticated voting cloud, the citizenry will always advance.